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Customer and Product Support

Contact centre operative wearing headset

Our systems fully support our clients and their products, enhancing reputation and brand, allowing stores to focus on patient needs and selling.

Real-time Appointment Booking

Real-time appointment booking is made possible by our bespoke online system, a convenient solution for both patient and store. With optical staff spending less time on driving appointment numbers, in-store service and sales improve.

Customer Support

Our multilingual call centre enables quick resolutions to any customer, client or store concerns. Using performance tracking facilities and maintaining the flexibility to open our call centre 24/7 means Galaxy clients don’t lose business.

Intelligent Communications

Galaxy’s end-to-end solution empowers call centre operatives to work with client, customer, product, order and delivery data across all our systems.

Product Support

Product information is maintained on Galaxy’s bespoke product management system and gives optical staff full oversight of their products. Full planogram management ensures the merchandising of store space and product ranges will be continually refreshed to maximise revenue.