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Quality Control

At Galaxy Optical our laboratory production of lenses and eyeglasses is fully automated and tracked. This ensures stringent quality control, with all products manufactured and sourced with multi-country compliance (CE, FDA and ISO). Our commitment to safe and legal practice is rooted in production and supply.

Investing in Production

With a global manufacturing presence committed to a continuous programme of improvement, we dynamically harness emerging technologies to explore new and more effective ways of working. Investing heavily in state-of-the-art machinery and transformational training approaches, everything we produce from quality lenses to innovative frames is characterised by an absolute commitment to excellence and unbeatable value.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

As one of the optical industry’s first adopters of lean manufacturing, Galaxy strives for a minimal waste environment, producing more with fewer resources, creating better customer value and higher quality products and services.

Lean enables us to be ultra-competitive in today’s demanding business environment without compromising quality.

Scalable Applications

Scalable Applications

We specialise in building scalable applications. Since 1998, our in-house tech team has developed bespoke software throughout our entire business.

These integrated applications make production and supply truly part of Galaxy’s end-to-end service.