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Dunlop Sport

Born and Bred

Dunlop specialises in producing items of equipment for a wealth of sports and is synonymous with legends of tennis, squash, badminton, golf and beyond. The Dunlop Sports eyewear collection helps realise this dedication to sport and delivers another milestone in Dunlop’s sporting heritage, equipping lovers of both summer and winter sports.

Dunlop Sport frames provide stability, versatility and maximum clarity for all sporting pastimes. Attention has been paid to the fundamental elements of precision vision, physical comfort and peak performance with innovative lightweight materials and polarised lenses.

Featured Frames

Dunlop Sport 04

Dunlop Sport 04

Ultra lightweight plastic is combined with black rubber bringing extra grip to the nose pads and sides. Polarised lenses reduce unwanted glare and a filter category 3 lens (included in all Dunlop Sports sunglasses) offers 100% UV protection.

Dunlop Sport 03

Dunlop Sport 03

Athletically shaped lightweight frames suited to sports including cycling and skiing. A streamlined, wraparound design is matched with additional padded features to the nose and the eyes. Mirrored lenses come are particularly effective in sunny or snowy conditions. These frames again offer category 3 UV protection.

Dunlop Sport 07

Dunlop Sport 07

A clip-in insert allows for prescription lenses to be added to Sports 07 sunglasses. Memory plastic is lightweight and ready for anything whilst REVO lens technology helps to block glare. Supra frames are even lighter and offer less restricted viewing for ball sports.

Designed to Win

Dunlop Sports sunglasses are designed for comfort and practicality incorporating polarised lenses. Wraparound styles, designed to cut out sunlight and enable a stable fit, are combined with category 3 UV protection and varied lens coatings.

The Dunlop Sport range includes supra (semi-rimless) and full frames with colours of grey, black, brown and silver. Frame materials of lightweight and memory plastic work with rubberised contact points.

Golfer wearing Dunlop sport sunglasses

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