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Brink Collection and Brink Couture are designed for sophisticated men and women who like great design and quality craftsmanship. Statement frames for women focus on designer styling and frame favourites for men feature conservative and classic designs. Brink Sun is a range of sunglasses that stays true to quality craftsmanship and sophisticated styling.


Brink Couture

Brink Couture is perfect for ladies who want to make a statement with their eyewear. Frames come in a range of shapes, styles, frame materials and colours. Unique designs are beautifully crafted, easy to wear and have a feminine elegance.

Brink glasses on female model

Brink Collection

Men’s frames by Brink Collection are easy to wear and conservatively styled. They come in bigger sizes to accommodate varifocal lenses. The Collection offers outstanding quality in a selection of great materials, with lightweight luxury meeting masculine style.

Brink Marilyn

Brink Marilyn

Retro style (as the iconic name suggests) but still a classic shape for the Brink Couture range for women. These distinctive glasses give glamour and grace with deep tortoise or black colouring and slender frames.

Brink Donald

Brink Donald

A slightly thicker brow to this Brink Donald frame and detail at the front of the temples adds some retro detail to a firm frame favourite. Black detail with a gunmetal or bronze coloured frame makes for glasses that quietly assert masculine style.

Brink Alan

Brink Alan

With a mottled brown frame and a striking metallic hinge, Brink Alan is a more refined men’s frame. The rectangular lens shape is suited to those with a rounder face. These glasses suit a smart casual wardrobe and are made to Brink’s high standards for quality and attention to detail.

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