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Frames in Focus: Tokyo Tom

Tokyo Tom glasses

Tokyo Tom frames are some of the most distinctive, urban frames on the high street. Modern, ready-to-wear design with Japanese influences means these glasses bring fun and ‘smart’ in equal measure.

Here are four features of Tokyo Tom frames that we love.

Vibrant Colours

Taking the lead from the best in high street fashion over the last couple of years (exemplified by brands such as Uniqlo and COS), the Tokyo Tom range includes some bright and smart colours such as oranges, purples and pinks. Adding some colour through accessories is a trend that can be traced to Japanese pop culture.


Mixed Materials

Combining metal sides with acetate frames creates another ready-to-wear designer feel, echoing more modern fashion houses and their approach to ergonomic and striking materials.

Subtle Detail

Tokyo Tom’s use of Japanese logographics on the sides of its frames is noticeable but subtle, often only picked out by light on the cleaner, silver designs. This detail does not detract from the clean lines of the collection but enables each frame to be worn confidently with a range of smart and casual styles.

Larger Lens Shapes

Tokyo Tom frames comfortably fit varifocal lenses with a number of models using larger eye sizes that echo catwalk trends for oversized shapes.

Interested in learning more about Tokyo Tom? Check out the Tokyo Tom page and request a brochure.

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